Life can get difficult – I think we all know that at this point.  We may get off track due to losses or unusually high stressors.  We may have picked up anxiety, panic and depression tendancies.  As stressors are relieved, some of these symptoms may still be problematic.  A Mental Health Coach helps their client: 

  • Build a wellness lifestyle by learning to mindfully manage stressors  
  • Build a vision of life filled with mental wellness strategies  
  • Maintain accountability to self
  • Meets with clients regularly to build plans and assign exercises
  • By encouraging and empowering 

When would you want to use a Mental Health Coach? 

  • You’ve been through something but are still functioning 
  • You have goals but you just can’t seem to get there 
  • You suffer from occasional anxiety, depression, or trauma reactions and want to know how to manage better
  • Your life is not as complete as you would like it to be

Life may take some planning to get back into your best mental health.  These are skills that will last a lifetime.