Learn Peer Support Skills!

Our primary mission is to walk alongside our clients on their journey towards a better, brighter future. We firmly believe that every individual has the inherent potential to overcome challenges, grow, and thrive. Our commitment stems not just from a professional standpoint but from a deep-seated belief in the indomitable human spirit.

101- Roots of Peer Support

  • Historical Overview of Peer Supports
  • Core Values and Principles of Intentional Peer Support (IPS)
  • The Role of Peer Support in Holistic Mental Health Care
  • Understanding Lived Experience and It’s Role in Peer Support
  • A Different Way of Communication

Monica Weber

102- Making A Case For Peer Support

  • Reductions in hospitalizations
  • Reductions in symptom distress
  • Improvements in social support
  • Improvements in quality of life

103- Lived Experience

  • Lived Experience – A Definition
  • Transformation to Hope and Self-Determination
  • Lived Experience – Value and Purpose in Peer Support
  • Learning to Share Our Personal Recovery Stories¬†
  • ¬†

104- Recovery Principles

  • What Recovery Is
  • Why Recovery Matters
  • Recovery-oriented vs Person-Centre Approach
  • Holistic-Centre vs Illness-Centre Approach to Recovery
  • Recovery-Base Activities
  • Steps Towards Recovery (Wellness Tools)¬†
  • Steps Towards Recovery (Key Concepts)

Monica Weber

105- Communication Skills and Peer Support

  • Active Listening
  • Effective Questioning
  • Validation and Empathy
  • Setting Boundaries in Communication

Monica Weber