The Problem

You know what the problem is?  There are massive stressors in this world right now. 

After years of school you weren’t taught to manage stress and that is a sin. 

People may have you believe that you need conventional mental health care.  Maybe you do.  That is your choice of course.  

I am going to suggest, learning how to manage stress will be a massive step towards your best mental health.  

The Solution

It is no surprise that people are struggling with recent  uncertainties.  Constantly changing rules are forcing people to pivot unexpectedly.  Some are being forced to make decisions they wouldn’t normally, and most important of all, our children are being placed into situations that are leading to their mental health and wellbeing being compromised.  

Many of us are showing profound symptoms of anxiety, depression and even panic.  But it’s the children — so hopeless that they are committing suicide.  Hopelessness should not be something a child needs to struggle with. 

Believe it or not, there are simple solutions.  Solutions that can make a difference very quickly.  Solutions that are based on successes and strengths.  What can go wrong?  

If the question was, given the health care that is being offered to us, how do we support ourselves and the one’s we love? 

How can we teach our children coping skills when we ourselves don’t know them? 

Are there risks involved in our health systems remedies that we aren’t being told about?   What are the alternatives? 

Monica Weber, President

Stress Recovery Coach

Educate Yourself

It’s not difficult.  It is enlightening.  It is empowering.  It is life changing.  This information will help you and generations after you, for a lifetime.  

These are things we should have learned at school.  These are things we will teach our children.  These are life skills that are imperative to learn in these stressful times.  

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.  You won’t be sorry you did. 

Mental Health & Wellness Courses

We’ll teach you a whole lot of strategies that we think we all should have been taught at school.  

Stress Recovery Coaches are committed to helping our clients find a strengths based lifestyle that will improve their lives.  Profoundly.

101 -Foundations

  • Understanding The Stress Response
  • Understanding Somatic Responses 
  • You Aren’t Crazy 
  • Grounding
  • Inner Critic to Best Friend
  • Identity Issues
  • Building Connections 

Monica Weber

102 - Wellness Strategies

  • Your Rights
  • Medication
  • Finding Purpose
  • Self Care 
  • Building Routines
  • Empowerment 

103 - Planning

104 - Foundations, Wellness
Strategies, & Planning

  • Awareness
  • Wellness Tools & Resources
  • Triggers
  • Early Warning Signs
  • When Things Are Breaking Down
  • Crisis

What Are You Waiting For?

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Ask Our Clients

How much their lives have changed

Couldn't control anxiety or panic attacks

What a relief to have my anxiety attacks under control.  I couldn’t go out because I was so embarrassed by them.  I am so grateful for my coach. 

My life has changed so much!

Life got very difficult.  I didn’t know where to get help.  WRC taught me skills I didn’t I know I needed.  Life is much better now.  I recommend this program to anyone I know who is feeling overwhelmed.  Stress Recovery Coaches know how to help.

Anxiety was destroying our family

Our family was a disaster.  Everyone yelling at each other.  So stressful.  Thanks to WRC, we learned how to manage our stress and then taught our children.  Life is much easier at home now.

I can get out of bed again!

I was not coping.  I couldn’t get out of bed for days.  I can’t believe what the WRC program has done for me. 

Finally, somebody who understands

Friends had given up on me.  I was alone, unable to cope, and really needed someone who understood.  My coach in the WRC program really understood I couldn’t take any more stress.  She didn’t push me too hard.  

It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard

I was shocked at how easy this program was to put into place.  There was work on learning how to be consistent with the program, but it was really worth it.  Life is so much better.  Thank you so much to my WRC coach.