Can't Manage Anxiety, Depression or Panic Attacks?

Desperation. Despair. Defeat.  All three so familiar, ingrained, oppressive.

What if I said they can be managed?  Mitigated? Controlled?

Are doctors just handing you pills?  Have they warned you about the side effects? 

Have you started to lose hope that you will live peacefully or happily?  

What if I told you you can live life the way you want to?  That anxiety isn’t a life sentence?

Would you believe me? Better still, what if you had someone to walk with you while you heal?   

I  have been right where you are. 10 years of my life I took to create this method for healing.  I am happier than I have ever been!  You can be too!  

Peacefully.  Happily.  Purposefully.

It may feel like there is no hope. That there is no escape. I am here to tell you there is. 

There is hope.  Let me show you how it can be done. 

Monica Weber

Anxiety-Ease Program (AEP)

I'd Give Anything To Stop These Attacks!

Perhaps you can relate.  

Fear.  Anxiety.  Panic.  Failure. 

It may be almost impossible to go out of your house.  

Fears of having an attack in public can literally paint someone into a corner!  It can destroy one’s life.

Doctors may prescribe drugs.  Drugs may have very serious side effects or you don’t act like yourself while taking them.  

Talk therapy?  Flashbacks, terrors, nightmares?  A deep and endless black hole of lifelong trauma?  An impossible situation you can’t escape from?  Is your mental health taking a knocking?

Ever thought of taking healing into your own hands?  Ever thought of engineering a better life for yourself?  

But how?  Where to start? 

Anxiety-Ease Program (AEP) my unique, life changing program. 

AEP is designed by me. Tweaked on me. Refined by me. Now my life is mine.  I have created it for myself.  And I love it!  

Listen, I have been there. I’ve lived through it.  I learned through it.  Now, I have no panic attacks.  No anxiety.  And I am on no drugs.  

Want to realize the journey of a survivor (and thriver) of C-PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder, due to repeated traumas, catatonia, homelessness and abuse? 

Want to learn the step-by-step path I took towards living a life full of love and passion again?

Work with me for 21 days. Together let’s get you the life you want to live. I will help you get back to….

Hope. Connection.  Passion.  Success. 

Imagine how it will feel to have peace, calm and self empowerment as the cornerstones of your life.  That’s where AEP will take you.  

What Are You Waiting For?

Call or email to arrange your complimentary 30 minute session.

Ask Our Clients

How much their lives have changed

Couldn't control anxiety or panic attacks

What a relief to have my attacks under control.  I couldn’t go out because I was so embarrassed by them.  I am so grateful for my coach. 

My life has changed so much!

Life got very difficult.  I didn’t know where to get help.  AEP taught me skills I didn’t I know I needed.  Life is much better now.  I recommend this program to anyone I know who is feeling overwhelmed.  Stress Recovery Coaches know how to help.

Anxiety was destroying our family

Our family was a disaster.  Everyone yelling at each other.  So stressful.  Thanks to AEP, we learned how to manage our stress and then taught our children.  Life is much easier at home now.

Monica Weber

I can get out of bed again!

I was not coping.  I couldn’t get out of bed for days.  I can’t believe what the AEP program has done for me. 

Finally, somebody who understands

Friends had given up on me.  I was alone, unable to cope, and really needed someone who understood.  My coach in the AEP program really understood.  She didn’t push me too hard, just enough encouragement is what I had.  

It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard

I was shocked at how easy this program was to put into place.  There was work on learning how to be consistent with the program, but it was really worth it.  Life is so much better.  Thank you so much to my AEP program coach.