Had Enough of Stress,
Anxiety, Depression, PTSD?

Desperation. Despair. Defeat.
All three so familiar, ingrained, oppressive.

What if we said they can be managed?
Mitigated. Controlled.
What if we told you you can live life?
Heard it all before?
(Or worse, told to get used to it?)

So had we. Our coaches have been there.
We've all lived through it.
Better still, we have gotten back to a life worth living again.

It may feel like there is no hope.
That there is no escape. I am here to tell you there is a way out.
There is hope.

How you ask? How did we do it?

AEP - Our unique Anxiety-Ease-Program. Designed by me. Tweaked on me. Refined by me. Because I had no interest in living life like that. I bet you don't either.

Our coaches have been there. We've all lived through it.
Better still, we have gotten back to a life worth living again.

Want to understand the journey of a survivor (and thriver) of
C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, catatonia,
homelessness and abuse?

Want to learn the step-by-step path I took towards living a life
full of love and passion?

Work with us for 21 days. Together let's get you the life you want to live. With that life our coaches will help you get to....


Monica Weber

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Skills For Life!

What You Didn't Learn In School

Our coaches guide you to...

Understand and manage your reactions and symptoms

Build a life mindfully geared for success

Understand and be responsible for triggers

Lower baseline stress and anxiety

Learn how to self advocate

Build a life based on hope

Understand and develop self care routines

Build a resource and support network

The Antidote to Stress and Anxiety

Create Your Map to Success!

Engineer your day for success.  Plan with mindfulness!

Put all you have learned into place.  Start living life!  

Structure leads to success!  Foundational work matters.

Connect with us.  We’ll teach you skills that will last a lifetime!

What Are You Waiting For?

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Ask Our Clients

How much their lives have changed

Couldn't control anxiety or panic attacks

What a relief to have my attacks under control.  I couldn’t go out because I was so embarrassed by them.  I am so grateful for my coach. 

My life has changed so much!

Life got very difficult.  I didn’t know where to get help.  AEP taught me skills I didn’t I know I needed.  Life is much better now.  I recommend this program to anyone I know who is feeling overwhelmed.  Stress Recovery Coaches know how to help.

Anxiety was destroying our family

Our family was a disaster.  Everyone yelling at each other.  So stressful.  Thanks to AEP, we learned how to manage our stress and then taught our children.  Life is much easier at home now.

Monica Weber

I can get out of bed again!

I was not coping.  I couldn’t get out of bed for days.  I can’t believe what the AEP program has done for me. 

Finally, somebody who understands

Friends had given up on me.  I was alone, unable to cope, and really needed someone who understood.  My coach in the AEP program really understood.  She didn’t push me too hard, just enough encouragement is what I had.  

It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard

I was shocked at how easy this program was to put into place.  There was work on learning how to be consistent with the program, but it was really worth it.  Life is so much better.  Thank you so much to my AEP program coach.