Who We Are

We are a team who are committed to supporting you in your quest for great mental health.  We are specialists who recognize there are ‘holes’ in the current system.  Which is why we are creating something spectacular.

We are a mental health community.  We teach skills that focus on emotional management, self-care, and self-empowerment.  We believe passionately that Wellness and Recovery principles can and do help people achieve their best mental health.  

Our methods are collaborative, holistic, community centric, and strengths-based.  

  • Here’s what we know about mental health Wellness and Recovery skills.
    • Recovery is possible with resources and supports.
    • Recovery principles encourage skills, not just pills.  
    • Wellness and Recovery Plans are a great asset.
    • These skills can last a lifetime for yourself and for generations to come.  
    • Mental wellness strategies can be taught, and we love teaching them.  
    • We can provide support when you need it.  Just ask us.

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