Your Mental Health matters!  Learning how to be mindful of stressors, tapping into pleasurable activities, and communicating differently are only some of the strategies that could improve your mental wellbeing. These are skills we should have learned in school.  We offer the following services to help you ‘get back into shape’. 

  • Education
  • Coaching 
  • Peer Support
  • Recovery Groups

Learn Self-Management Techniques

When we are exposed to too much stress, there may be a noticeable change in your demeanor.  Have you or a loved one noticed these signs of being overwhelmed? 

  • Angered often
  • Lack of energy 
  • Hard to find joy in life
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Feeling like nothing matters 
  • Excessive worrying or anxiety
  • Difficulty getting restful sleep
  • Pulling away from people or things 

Learning mental health self-management strategies can be life changing.  We specialize in strengths-based recovery practices.  Please join us.  


Wellness & Recovery Skills Change Lives!

Monica Weber

Education, Coaching, & Peer Support 

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Ask Our Clients

How much their lives have changed

Couldn't control anxiety or panic attacks

What a relief to have my anxiety attacks under control.  I couldn’t go out because I was so embarrassed by them.  I feel like he has been where I have.  I don’t need to be ashamed of telling him what is happening to me right now.  We have put many new routines into place which is alleviating my panic attacks.  I am so grateful for my coach. 

My life has changed so much!

Life is difficult for everyone right now.  I didn’t know where to get help.  The Wellness Recovery Program taught me life skills that helped me manage stress better.  They helped me build a mental health plan and encouraged me to stick with it.  Life is still hard but I don’t feel like I am losing my sanity anymore.  I recommend this program to anyone I know who is feeling overwhelmed.  Stress Recovery Coaches know how to help.

Anxiety was destroying our family

Our family was a disaster.  Everyone yelling at each other.  So stressful.  Thanks to the counseling we received and the coaching to help keep up our wellness routines,  we learned how to manage our stress and are starting to teach our children.  Life is much easier at home now.  Everyone in our family has reaped the benefits of their expertise. 

I can get out of bed again!

I was not coping.  I couldn’t get out of bed.  Not  for days.  I can’t believe what the Wellness Recovery Program program has done for me.  

Finally, somebody who understands

Friends gave up on me.  I was alone, unable to cope, and really needed someone who understood.  My coach in the Wellness Recovery Program really understood I couldn’t take one more thing.  It felt like she had compassion for me and that itself helped so much.  

It wasn't easy but it wasn't hard

I was shocked at how easy this program was to put into place.  There was work on learning how to be consistent with the program, but it was really worth it.  Life is so much better.  Thank you so much to my Wellness Recovery Program and Coach.