Peer Support

Trained in Wellness & Recovery Concepts,
Has Unique Lived Experiences
and Specialized Knowledge in
Navigating Personal Recovery

Our Mission

To ensure no one has to navigate their darkest moments alone.

I Am Here Whispers Peer Support

In the tapestry of life, threads intertwine,
A quilt of souls, in a design so fine. 
Amid the struggles, battles we must fight,
There shines a beacon, a guiding light.

With open hearts and outstretched hands,
We form a bond, an unbreakable strand.
In times of darkness, doubts, and fear,
Peer support whispers, “I am here.”

A friend in need, a listening ear,
A source of strength, to quell each tear.
No judgment passed, no words to shame,
In peer support, we share the same aim.

Together we rise, on this journey we stride,
Side by side, we’ll conquer the tide.
In unity, we find the strength to cope,
For in each other, we discover hope.

So let us stand with those in need,
With empathy, compassion, and deed.
In the world of peers, we find our way,
Supporting each other, come what may.
– Karen