Peer Support

The Role of A Peer Supporter

A Peer Supporter is a person who has: 

  • Been through a mental health crisis
  • Learned Wellness and Recovery strategies
  • Been specially trained to support others who are experiencing a mental health crisis
  • Experience with the issues surrounding mental health crises
  • Acts as a guide in learning how to grow through the experience
  • An understanding of how important it is to re-establish Hope and Empowerment
    • Acts as a support through overwhelming experiences
    • Important part of recovery 
    • Has own experience in mental health 
    • Gets to know about situation – 
    • Emotional Support, feedback and helps problem solve
    • Shares stories and resources for recovery 
    • Help identify areas that support can be helpful 

Monica Weber

102 - Wellness Strategies

  • Your Rights
  • Medication
  • Finding Purpose
  • Self Care 
  • Building Routines
  • Empowerment 

103 - Planning

  • Awareness
  • Wellness Tools & Resources
  • Triggers
  • Early Warning Signs
  • When Things Are Breaking Down
  • Crisis

104 - Wellness Recovery Program (Foundations, Wellness Strategies & Planning)

Monica Weber