Learn how to notice, understand, and manage stress. We teach you how to make choices for yourself with your best health in mind.


If Anxiety, Depression, Trauma are annoyances in your life, Mental Health Coaching is the right choice for you! Learn to build routines, habits, and manage stressors.

Peer Support

Peer Supporters have had their own mental health crisis. They walked through their own Recovery and have been professionally trained to support others. They work using Recovery, Hope and Strengths based models. They teach skills that will last a lifetime!


Being part of community is critical to our mental well-being. We build a community of people who understand that connection with others is a big part of great mental health.


Being able to speak about things that may need to be voiced. This is all about healing. No regurgitating bad situations. No. We help you make decisions about what is best for you moving forward. Our coaches can help you to get there.


Our therapists are top notch. Not run of the mill. They are here to help sort through the dark stuff that comes from trauma and abuse. Always with a mind for empowerment and strength based living.