The Role of Peer Supporters

Our peer supporters are thoroughly trained through various recognized programs tailored to equip them with essential skills to provide effective support. At the bare minimum, they have successfully completed the Peer Recovery Education Program (PREP), Like Minds Peer Support training, WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), and Pathways to Recovery. Each of these programs emphasizes different aspects of recovery and peer support, from setting personal goals and making informed choices to managing wellness and recovery plans effectively.

Additionally, our team is trained in Crisis Management, which prepares them to handle acute situations effectively, ensuring they can offer immediate support during critical times. This training includes techniques for de-escalation, understanding crisis dynamics, and providing support that can stabilize a situation until further professional help is available.

We adhere to a rigorous training standard that mirrors the curriculum laid out by Peer Support Canada. These comprehensive trainings ensure our staff are well-prepared to offer empathetic, informed support, grounded in the core principles and values of peer support. This includes mutuality, where support is a reciprocal exchange, recognizing the shared humanity and experience between the supporter and the supported. We emphasize respect and dignity, ensuring each interaction honors the intrinsic worth of every individual. Our approach incorporates self-determination, encouraging peers to lead their own recovery processes within a framework of informed choices. Through curiosity and continuous learning, our staff maintain an open, non-judgmental stance that fosters connection and deep understanding.

This educational foundation ensures that our peer supporters not only respond with empathy but also embody the ethics of empowerment and inclusion in each of their interactions.  Their commitment to ongoing professional development keeps them updated with the latest mental health support techniques, enabling them to provide high-quality assistance.

With a combination of lived experience and specialized training, our peer supporters bring personal understanding and professional skills into their roles, enhancing the effectiveness and relatability of their support. Whether for a corporation seeking to enhance workplace well-being, a community organization aiming to improve service delivery, or an individual or family navigating personal challenges, you can count on our team for compassionate, skilled support. We’re here to listen, connect, and walk with you, offering support that understands and responds to you needs.

We are honored that you have considered us to support your team, your organization, or your personal growth. We are committed to listening and connecting with each of you, offering understanding and care that is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of our corporate clients, community organizations, and individual families. We’re here to help you address the challenges you face with sensitivity and expertise.

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