Our History

The founder of Stress Recovery Coach has navigated through extreme personal adversities. The concept of this company was born from a commitment to transform hardship into support.

After enduring a decade of homelessness and a lack of supportive services following severe domestic violence, our founder sought to change how support systems work. Her experience exposed significant gaps in the services available, especially a lack of system services, practical tools and empathetic supports. That is, until she discovered the Consumer Survivor Initiative and learned about Peer Support.

After years of struggling in a system that seemed ineffective and broken, the turning point came through peer support training at the Krasman Centre. Here, our founder not only realized her own personal recovery but also went on to teach others, supporting them as they reclaimed their lives through courses like ‘WRAP’ (Wellness Recovery Action Plan – the Copeland Centre), ‘Like Minds’, and ‘PREP’ (Peer Recovery Education Program).

This personal evolution from crisis to empowerment was bolstered by her previous professional success as an IT consultant over 25 years, which provided a strong foundation for the training and facilitation skills necessary for leading Wellness and Recovery workshops and courses.

Our mission at Stress Recovery Coach is clear:  To ensure no one has to navigate their darkest moments alone again.

We are dedicated to providing accessible, effective, and empathetic support. We focus on self-directed learning, self-regulation tools, and strong advocacy for those in crisis, ensuring that our clients or peers receive the informed and compassionate support they deserve.

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